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06 October 2017

If you are new to Ethereum, you might be confused by the terms testnet and mainnet. The concepts are simple: the testnet is a network for testing, while the mainnet is where real financial transactions occur.

In other words, when a new ethereum based product is in development, it is best to tie it to the testnet and make sure everything works before working with real money.

Teddy Hyde manages blogs running on the mainnet and testnet. If you encounter a blog on the testnet, Teddy Hyde will allow you to interact with it using your testnet keys.

Be sure to understand that the networks operate almost identically. Most importantly, your private keys will work on either network. Teddy Hyde generates two keys for you, each independent and unique and makes sure to use the right one for the right network.

How do you get money on the testnet? You cannot generally buy ethereum on a test network. You can get it for free from a faucet or by installing an app which runs on the testnet, like Toshi or Status.im.

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