Teddy Hyde is the mobile GitHub editor for Android. Especially suitable for authoring your Jekyll blog: upload images, write draft posts, and preview Markdown with a quick swipe. Download it on Google Play.
29 October 2013

If you used Teddy Hyde to generate a blog before October 29th, 2013, you can use the following commands to grab the latest CSS and structure.

If you have made major modifications to your blog then these commands will probably overwrite your changes in bad ways. If, however, you have simply been adding posts to your repository, these updates will make your blog look much cleaner and use bootstrap 3.0.

git remote add teddyhyde [email protected]:teddyhyde-jekyll.git
git fetch teddyhyde
git merge --no-commit teddyhyde/master
git reset HEAD _config.yml 
git checkout -- _config.yml
git add CNAME
git commit -m "Merged updates"

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