Teddy Hyde is the mobile GitHub editor for Android. Especially suitable for authoring your Jekyll blog: upload images, write draft posts, and preview Markdown with a quick swipe. Download it on Google Play.
18 April 2013

How does Teddy Hyde stand up to the Wordpress mobile app?

Let’s check out the differences between Wordpress for Android and Teddy Hyde, the Android Jekyll blog editor which edits your files right on GitHub. I think there are compelling reasons to consider using Teddy Hyde.


Teddy Hyde has almost everything here. Posts and pages. Let’s explore those that are missing, and see the things I think make Teddy Hyde better than the mobile editor for WordPress.

The editor


The mobile app for WordPress allows you to add title, tags, publish settings. Teddy Hyde supports all of these as well. Right now you need to edit the YAML Front Matter manually, but in the future, I hope to have a YAML Front Matter editor built in which simplifies and validates editing.

Special formatting options


Teddy Hyde has most of these. And, markdown can easily be entered by hand if missing from a menu.


Plus, you get a nice preview feature just a swipe away.


Image support


Teddy Hyde will publish images right into your repository. And, provide you with the original image, and thumbnail and a resized image great for mobile devices.

Going beyond parity

Hyde Transformations

Hyde Transformations are, in my opinion, the coolest thing about Teddy Hyde. You can extend your editor with a little bit of JSON code checked in to your repository.


Read more about Hyde Transformations.


Anyone with rights to the repository can edit. with versioning built in.

The Future

Teddy Hyde is open source. Fork it on Github! And, these are the things I want to do in the short term.

  1. Preferences page/activity
  2. Long press to toggle YFM (YAML Front Matter) publish state, going from published to private or vice versa.
  3. YFM editor.
  4. long press to switch layout

Check the bugs on GitHub for a full list of enhancements planned.

What do you want in your editor?

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