Teddy Hyde is the mobile GitHub editor for Android. Especially suitable for authoring your Jekyll blog: upload images, write draft posts, and preview Markdown with a quick swipe. Download it on Google Play.
03 April 2013

Teddy Hyde?

Did you know Teddy was a nickname for Edward that gained popularity in the Victorian era, right when “The curious case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” was set? Did you know Mr. Hyde’s first name in the story was Edward? Hyde and Jekyll are perfect complements, both in the story and when blogging.


No compromises?

I wanted to make a first class editor for my phone. Many have accused the iPad of being only a consumption device. I think I agree. But, I think we can make cool creation tools for handheld devices.

Nowadays I actually prefer editing on my phone with Teddy Hyde. I can blog using speech recognition, and quick swipe to preview. And, publishing is as simple as clicking “save file” rather than typing multiple git commands add/commit/push things up. It feels more organic to blog using Teddy Hyde than from my laptop.

One handed?

When my son was born four months ago, I felt very challenged blogging, to say nothing about programming. Little babies like to be held constantly, and Emacs keybindings require two hands to operate. I wanted to make something that would allow me to blog one handed. Let’s leverage the latent power in our mobile devices to make a better writing tool than you can get out of a stodgy old laptop. My long term goal is that I can do more than just blog with this tool. I have ideas about using it for many one page web apps.


Hyde transforms in the book and in Teddy Hyde. Upload a JSON file to your repository and customize your editor.

More about Hyde Transforms.

More than just a blog editor. A general purpose Github editor.

Teddy Hyde is optimized for Jekyll blogging. But, you can use it to edit any text based file stored in your github repositories.

No iOS?

Teddy Hyde is not yet available for iOS. Want it? Let me know.

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